iq digital privacy policy on the marketing of advertising space on third-party websites

iq digital privacy policy on the marketing of advertising space on third-party websites

1. Role of iq digital in the marketing of websites; responsibility for data protection; scope of application of this data protection declaration

You have found the link to this privacy policy on a website whose advertising spaces are marketed by iq digital media markteting GmbH, Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Düsseldorf ("iq digital"). A list of all websites marketed by iq digital can be found here.

The respective website operator is responsible for the personal data processed in this context. You can find out the contact details of the website operator from the privacy policy and the imprint of the respective website.

iq digital acts exclusively on behalf of and under the instruction of the respective website operator. iq digital therefore acts only as a processor and has concluded a contract with the respective website operators on the processing of personal data on behalf pursuant to Art. 28 DSGVO.
In this data protection declaration, iq digital informs you on behalf of the respective website operator about the data processing operations that take place in the context of the marketing of the advertising space by iq digital.

For other data processing operations that take place on the website of customers (including possibly own processing of personal data for advertising purposes by the customers), reference is hereby made to the privacy policy of the respective customer.

2. General information on the involvement of partners ("vendors")

To market the advertising media spaces, iq digital relies on a large number of partners who provide various technologies and advertising networks. These partners help to display advertising on the advertising media spaces of iq digital's customers' websites in a way that is both appropriate to their interests and makes the most economic sense. These partners are also referred to as Vendors in the following. All Vendors are listed below - sorted by their respective purpose and the purpose of the data processing.

Some vendors who are directly involved in the selection of a suitable advertising medium are direct contractual partners of iq digital. Many other vendors only become active as part of a selected advertising medium and help to determine the success of the advertising (e.g. the length of time a banner was visible on a screen). Many of these vendors, which are used to measure success or reach, are not contractual partners of iq digital; their use is typically decided by the advertising companies. Nevertheless, all vendors that are active in connection with iq digital's activities are included in the list below.

Vendors do not receive "clear names" or other unique identifiers such as an address or date of birth. Rather, the vendors receive only pseudonymous information, such as a cookie ID or an IP address. Nevertheless, even this data is regularly personal data.

It is possible that the website operator whose advertising space is marketed by us has also implemented other vendors on his website. Consequently, you may not find all vendors that are active on the websites of iq digital's customers in the list below. For further information on vendors that are not integrated by iq digital but by iq digital's customers, we refer you to the privacy policy of our customers.

3. Your choice of vendors; revocation of consent; opt-out

If you have provided a comprehensive declaration of consent on our customers' websites, all of the vendors listed below may be active on the corresponding website. Which vendor is involved in which individual case to play which advertising material depends on many factors, e.g. which vendors have already stored detailed information about your interests in the cookies stored on your end device.

In so far as you have only permitted individual Vendors to process your personal data instead of your global consent, only these Vendors will also process your data on our behalf (nevertheless, all of the Vendors generally used by us are listed below for the sake of completeness).
You may revoke your declaration of consent at any time with effect for the future or grant your opt-out to any individual Vendor (or for all Vendors). For this purpose, we refer you to the "Privacy Center", which is included in the privacy policy of our customers. In addition, there are the following alternative ways to declare an opt-out:

  • Open the privacy policy of the respective vendor (you will find the link at the bottom of the list of vendors). The privacy policy of the vendor will show an opt-out option.
  • Activate the "Do not Track" function in your browser (Note: if you turn off the setting of cookies in your browser, you will prevent the activity of many but not all Vendors; this is due to the fact that some Vendors use, in addition to cookies, similar technologies for identification (see point 6 below).
  • Set their preferences on the website "youronlinechoices".

4. IAB TCF 2.0 („Transparancy and Consent Framework“)

iq digital only allows verdors and embeds them on the websites of its customers that comply with the rules of the IAB-TCFv2.0.

The Transparency and Consent Framework ("TCF") is a set of rules for online marketing issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe ("IAB Europe"), an industry association for online marketing. (see general information about IAB Europe here: ). Currently, version 2.0 of the TCF is used (see general information about TCF2.0 here:
TCF2.0 defines strict rules that IAB Eurpoe says will ensure GDPR compliance and fulfillment of all other European data protection requirements. iq digital therefore only works with vendors who have subjected themselves to compliance with the rules of the IAB TCF2.0 and which have been included in the so-called "Global Vendor List" after an audit (see

5. Declaration of consent as an element of permission for advertising purposes and the creation of profiles

The processing of personal data for advertising purposes is based on your declaration of consent, which you have given when calling up the website of our customers (insofar as you have not given a declaration of consent or have given it only for certain vendors, the corresponding data processing does not take place; the same applies if you have revoked the declaration of consent. For the revocation of your declaration of consent, we refer to the "Privacy Center" included in the privacy policy of our customers (See for explanation under 3.).
According to the IAB TCF2.0, your consent relates to the following data processing purposes (see also the table of data processing purposes under

  • For all processing purposes, the storage of information on a user's terminal device and/or the retrieval of information from a user's terminal device is necessary. (Purpose 1 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
  • Store and retrieve information such as cookies and device identifiers on the device for the processing purposes indicated to the user.
    • For the selection of simple ads, vendors can:
      • Use real-time information about the context in which the ad is presented, including information about the content environment as well as the device being used, such as device type and capabilities, browser identifier, URL, IP address;die ungefähren Standortdaten eines Nutzers verwenden;
      • control the frequency of display insertions;
      • control the order of display insertions;
      • prevent an ad from being displayed in an unsuitable editorial environment (fire-unsafe)
  • Create a personalized ad profile (Purpose 3 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • To create a personalized ad profile, Vendors:
      • Collect information about a user, including the user's activities, interests, visits to websites or use of applications, demographic information or location, to create or edit a user profile for personalization of content.
  • Select personalized ads (Purpose 4 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • For the selection of personalized ads, Vendors:
      • Select personalized ads based on a user's profile or other historical usage data, including past activity, interests, visits to websites or app usage, location, or demographic information.
  • Create a Personalized Content Profile (Purpose 5 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • To create a personalized content profile, Vendors:
      • Collect information about a user, including the user's activities, interests, visits to websites or use of applications, demographic information, or location, to create or edit a user profile for personalization of content.
  • Select personalized content (Purpose 6 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • To select personalized content, Vendors:
      • Select personalized content based on a user's profile or other historical usage data, including past activity, interests, visits to websites or app usage, location, or demographic information.

These categories of data processing purposes are specified in the formulation reproduced here by the rules of the IAB TCF2.0. Vendors approved by iq digital undertake to use precisely these categories of data processing purposes (see Not every Vendor pursues every purpose mentioned. Under 7. you can learn which Vendors, pursue which purposes. The data processing activities and data processing purposes are explained in more detail in each vendor's privacy policy linked below.

6. Declaration of consent and legitimate interest as grounds for permission for analysis purposes, range measurement and product improvement

In addition to the purposes mentioned in 5. above, individual vendors process personal data for the following additional purposes. Vendors base this partly on your declaration of consent and partly on legitimate interest. You can find out which legal basis is used by which vendor in the detailed information under 7.

Measure ad performance (Purpose 7 according to IAB TCF 2.0)

To measure ad performance, Vendors:

      • measure whether and how ads were displayed to a user and how the user interacted with them;
      • provide reports on ads, including their effectiveness and performance;
      • provide reports on user interaction with ads, using data measured during the course of the user's interaction with that ad;
      • provide reports to service providers on the ads that are displayed on their services;
      • measure whether an ad is displayed in an unsuitable editorial environment (fire-unsafe);
      • determine the percentage at which the advertisement could have been perceived, including the duration (advertising perception chance).
  • Measure content performance (Purpose 8 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • To measure content performance, Vendors:
      • measure and report on how content was delivered to users and how they interacted with it;
      • provide reports on directly measurable or already known information from users who have interacted with the content
  • Develop and improve products (Purpose 8 according to IAB TCF 2.0)
    • To develop and improve products, vendors can:
      • use information to improve their existing products with new features and develop new products;
      • build new computational models and algorithms using machine learning.

This data processing for the above purposes is based by some Vendors on the legitimate interest pursuant to Art. 6 (1) DSGVO. The interest of the Vendors is to measure the performance of ads and content and to improve and develop their products. From the list below, you can see which Vendors invoke this. For all the purposes mentioned in this section, user profiles are not used and the information about specific interests of users is used.

7. Overview of partners/vendors and the purposes for which they process personal data according to IAB TCF 2.0

8. Advertising in newsletter

We take over the playout of advertising material in newsletters for our partners. For this purpose, a connection to the ad server of Passendo ApS, Tagensvej 85F, 2200 København, Denmark ("Passendo") is established when the newsletter is called up and the respective advertising material is retrieved from this ad server. In this process, your IP address is necessarily transmitted. Passendo is a service provider of ours that processes the data exclusively on behalf of and under the instruction of us or the provider of the newsletter. The data is processed exclusively within the EU.

In order to determine the success of the advertising medium (e.g. to determine how often a newsletter was opened, and an advertising medium was clicked on), parts of the data provided to register for the newsletter are converted into a hash value and transmitted to Passendo. From this hash value, it is not possible to draw any conclusions about the data originally provided.

The IP address and the hash value are not used in this context to create an advertising profile. The advertising playout shown here only concerns non-personalized advertising and only the statistical analysis of the success of the advertising media. 

The respective provider of the newsletter is responsible for the personal data processed in this context. You can find out their contact details from the respective newsletter.

9. General information about cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal device by the browser used when you call up the website of our customers. Individual services of a website and in particular the vendors used by iq digital can "recognize" you in this way and "remember" which settings you have made. This is used, among other things, to carry out personalized online advertising.

Some cookies are automatically deleted from your end device as soon as you leave the website again (so-called session cookie). Other cookies are stored for a certain period of time, usually not exceeding two years (persistent cookies). You can find out which cookies are used by which vendor and how long they are stored in the privacy statements of the vendors linked below.

However, the "recognition" of a specific end device is not only done via cookies, but also via other similar technologies and in particular data that is read from your end device (e.g. the device ID of your end device, the MAC address of your end device, information about the settings of a browser (so-called browser fingerprint) or the system settings). You can find out which user recognition technology is used by which vendor in the privacy statements of the vendors linked below.

10. Storage period

iq digital itself does not store any user profiles in the long term (short-term storage for the purpose of displaying advertising and measuring reach is not excluded).

The vendors store the pseudonymous user profile for a longer period of time, but the individual information about users is usually only stored for a few weeks. Other personal data (e.g., the technically necessary IP address of the customer) are stored only for a short time. You can find more detailed information on this in the data protection declarations of the vendors linked under item 7.


Privacy policy

of iq digital media marketing gmbh, Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Düsseldorf; Managing director: Steffen Bax

I.          Purpose of the privacy policy

Whenever you contact us, we process personal data. Personal data is information that can be used to identify a person, i.e. information that can be traced back to a person. This typically includes the name, e-mail address or telephone number as well as any other data records that prove necessary for the respective business relationship. You are not obliged to provide personal data beyond this, unless we refer to this in individual cases in this data protection declaration or the necessity for data processing arises for legal reasons.

This data protection information therefore informs you about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by Handelsblatt GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us"). We are responsible for the processing of your personal data, unless this privacy policy contains deviating information.

The contact details of the data controller are:

iq digital media marketing gmbh, Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Duesseldorf



You can reach our data protection officer at the following contact details:

Name: DMC Data Protection Management & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

E-mail address:

Address: Zur Mühle 2-4, D-50226 Frechen, Germany

II. Data processing procedure and legal basis

We collect and process your data in accordance with the legal provisions, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), as well as other legal bases such as the German Teleservices Media Act (TMG) in the area of electronic communication for the following purposes:

  • For the conclusion and execution of the contract, including your support as a customer. The purposes of data processing are primarily based on the specific purpose of the contract. Further details on the purposes of data processing can be found in the relevant contract documents and terms of business/use.
  • If you have expressly consented, we will also use your data for sales and marketing information about products and services of the HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP that we send to you via electronic channels (e.g. e-mail, telephone, fax, SMS, messenger, etc.). (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO, § 7 UWG).
  • To fulfill legal obligations or official requirements. Processing is carried out in accordance with legal requirements, including for the fulfillment of commercial law provisions, tax law provisions and control and reporting obligations or creditworthiness, age and identity checks. (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c and lit. e DSGVO).
  • When necessary, we process your data to protect our legitimate interests or those of third parties (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO):
    • assertion of legal claims and defense in legal disputes
    • to check creditworthiness before entering into a contractual relationship
    • for information about our products and services (advertising or market and opinion research)
    • measures for business management and further development of services and products
    • for statistical evaluations for the development of (marketing) measures on the basis of calculated key figures as well as for the analysis of existing contractual relationships for their maintenance improvement or termination

III.        Your rights

You have the right to obtain information about the personal data stored about you free of charge upon request (from the second information within 12 months, we may charge a fee). In addition, you have the right to request the correction of incorrect data, the right to request the restriction of processing of data that has been processed too extensively and the right to request the deletion of personal data that has been processed unlawfully or stored for too long (insofar as this is not subject to a legal obligation to retain data and there are no other reasons in accordance with

Article 17 (3) DSGVO are opposed). In addition, you have the right to the transfer of all data you have provided to us in a common file format (right to data portability).

Consent given can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. Furthermore, you may object to the processing of your data for the purpose of direct marketing. This also applies to profiling (see VI), insofar as this is connected with direct advertising. A right of objection also exists for reasons arising from your particular situation for data that we process on the basis of a public interest (Art. 6 (1) (e) DSGVO) or on the basis of a legitimate interest (Art. 6 (1) (f) DSGVO).

To exercise your rights, simply send an email to 

In addition, you also have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority.

IV. Recipients of your data

Your data will be processed by us for the purpose of handling your contract by the relevant departments of Handelsblatt GmbH. Furthermore, we pass on this data to the following recipients:

1. Companies of the Handelsblatt GmbH Group

-           for the purpose of processing an order or providing a service

-           To improve the offers and websites of both Handelsblatt GmbH and our group companies.

-           Transmission of marketing messages, if you have consented to this or if this is legally permissible for other reasons.

The companies of the HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP that receive your data can be found here.

2. Service partners

Service partners of Handelsblatt GmbH that we use to process contracts and improve our offers, e.g.

  • IT service providers
    • Payment service providers, for the processing of a payment transaction (e.g. financial institutions, payment services)
    • Vendors or providers of events who offer their services together with us, insofar as this is necessary for the processing of the contract
  • Commercial agents
    • Printing and logistics companies, e.g. telecommunications service providers, delivery services
    • Collection service providers or credit agencies, insofar as this is necessary for the exercise of our rights
  • Consulting companies
  • Credit agencies
  • Call centers
  • Trade fair service providers

We have contractually agreed with these service providers that they may only use your data in the context of processing orders for us and for our services. Any other use - including for our own contacting by one of these service providers - is only permitted with your prior consent.

3. Law enforcement authorities

Law enforcement authorities, public bodies (e.g. tax authorities, social insurance institutions) supervisory authorities or third parties authorized to receive data

  • in the event of requests for information or obligations to provide information
  •  in the case of judicial measures
  • investigative proceedings
    • as well as to our own tax advisors, auditors and lawyers in order to exercise our rights and meet our legal obligations

4. Change of ownership

We will pass on your data to another company in the event of a merger or amalgamation with that company.

5. Recipients outside the European Union

We only transfer data to bodies outside the European Union (third country) without your consent if this is necessary according to the respective contract, to fulfill legal obligations or to protect our legitimate interests. The data transfer in the third country is also subject to the condition of corresponding adequacy decisions of the EU Commission on the level of data protection or the existence of corresponding suitable and appropriate guarantees. For details, please contact our data protection officer (

V. Duration of data storage

Data will be deleted after the contract has been completely fulfilled and legal storage obligations have expired (e.g. in accordance with the German Commercial Code or the German Fiscal Code). In addition, we retain personal data if this is necessary in connection with claims asserted against us (maximum statutory limitation period 30 years).

VI. Profiling und Scoring

We process your data together with data that we have obtained from browsers or other sources in order to develop offers for you that are tailored to your interests and to question and evaluate our own services ("profiling"). Furthermore, in individual cases we calculate the probability that a customer will meet his payment obligations ("scoring") on the basis of data accessible to us (e.g. via credit agencies). The scoring includes, for example, data on employment relationships, occupation, employer experience from previous business relationships or credit information. Scoring is based on mathematical-statistical, recognized calculation processes. The values determined in this way help us to manage risk and make decisions when concluding contracts.