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Handelsblatt Morning Briefing

Every morning, the Handelsblatt editors-in-chief provide a trenchant summary of the latest economic and political events from around the world and an outlook on the most important events of the day.

Der Tagesspiegel Morgenlage

At 6 a.m. you can read the most important news of the day in the morning edition, with a press review and dates as well as special reading recommendations and cultural tips.

WirtschaftsWoche Weekender

Every Friday, editor-in-chief Beat Balzli gives an overview of the most exciting topics in the new issue.

ZEIT ONLINE Was jetzt?

In the "What now?" newsletter we inform you briefly every morning about what has happened in the past 24 hours. The authors of the newsletter are alternately the heads of ZEIT ONLINE or occasionally the editors-in-chief.


The newsletter for all those who are interested in the political side of research, who decide and discuss in science and who seek a point of view in the lecture hall.

Handelsblatt Energie Briefing

Become an energy expert: Every Friday, the “Energie Briefing” provides you with a commented overview from the Handelsblatt editorial team of the most important news and background reports from the sections on companies, politics, technology and mobility directly to your e-mail inbox.

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Handelsblatt "Energie Briefing", "Morning Briefing", "Finance Briefing", "Inside Digital Health", "Inside Geldanlage", "Inside Real Estate", WirtschaftsWoche "Weltmarktführer" as well as in the ada newsletter "adaption - Der Brief aus der Zukunft". Tech specs can be found on the detailed slides of the individual newsletters in the appendix.

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